Your safety and health is our main concern, so will be implementing the following precasutions when we start to hire out Murdoch again in July…

  • For any new bookings we will block out the day after the van is returned, to ensure a minimum of 24 hours has passed between rentals.
  • Murdoch will have a full and thorough deep cleaned in between hires
  • Bedding will be cleaned and packed at least 72 hours prior to pickup. We will hand over the van with bedding sealed.
  • We will always where gloves and face-mask when manouvering the van ready for pickup
  • We will maintain a 2 metre social-distancing during vehicle pickup/drop off
  • We will provide a video prior to pickup to demonstrate Murdoch’s features and functions instead of in person demonstration to minimise handover time. (You are still of course welcome to ask any questions or check anything with us)
  • Pre-payment of outstanding balance and security deposit will be encouraged to minimize pickup time.
  • We encourage you to bring your own pen for signing paperwork at pickup.

Please do let us know of any other requirements or concerns you may have and we will always try our best to make sure you are happy and feel safe.


Liz and Dave