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Why Hire a Classic VW Campervan

Back to the Good ol’ Days!

When you hire our classic VW campervan “Murdoch” you’re sure to have a break away like no other. Maybe you’ve dreamed of having a VW camper one day and would like to try it out, or maybe you have some nostalgic memories of going camping with the family when you were younger. We love meeting the people and hearing their stories. One thing is for sure, they always have a great time.

Yorkshire AKA ‘Gods Own Country’

Yorkshire is an ideal area to hire a classic vw campervan. You have the outstanding Yorkshire dales, with stunning scenery, beautiful walks and mountain adventures. Its also the home of the ‘Tour de Yorkshire‘ Cycle race, chosen because of its diverse landscapes and environment. Why not check out our article on great places to take your VW campervan for outdoor adventures in Yorkshire.

If you’re more into culture, York is a fascinating old city, or Haworth, home of the Bronte sisters is just around the corner. There’s also plenty of museums and country parks in and around the Leeds and Bradford area. Upscale Shops, cafes and Bars are also plentiful in Ilkley, Harrogate and Leeds.

A great Base for your holiday

Further afield, the lake District is just an hour away. Many of our previous renters have done a nice loop taking in the Yorkshire Dales an the Lake district with stops along the way.

The seaside on the west coast is just over an hour from our base. You could check out the lovely san dunes around Southport, or visti the bright lights of Blackpool!

What ever your interest, there is something for everyone in and around the Yorkshire area. The beauty of renting a camper means that with enough time, you can plan an itinerary to see it all.

Join the club!

So why hire a classic VW campervan? Sure it doesn’t have the mod cons of the the newer models, but Murdoch has personality! There’s not many other vehicles you can drive where you get passing waves and light flashes from other like minded people! Driving a retro camper really does make you feel special and makes you take a step back from the fast paced life at home.


Of course you can plan an itinerary, and the places you want to and see, but some of the best fun can be had on the journey getting there. Having the freedom to go when and where you want opens you up to a more adventure and experiences.

So, what are you waiting for, book your VW campervan hire online and get out there and have an adventure!

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